Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Singh Is Kinng - SIK

So SIK finally!!! Heard and read so much about this one and saw soooooooooo much of it on B4U that I was tortured into singing SIK even in my sleep and the "making of" was drilled into my brain. Finally watched it last night and I had a lot of fun. True, the plot is mindless and not a lot is logical but it sure gave me good laughs and nothing amused me more than the promotional song at the end with Snoop Dog in a pagdi. Must say that Akshay has a nice style in that song. I have been a big Akshay Kumar fan since Khiladi, that being the first ever movie I watched on cable television and that too right before a half yearly exam. I have been his fan through thick and thin and have been ridiculed by my siblings numerous times. A lot of humor is really crass and you may not be able to stand it but some of the other funny moments are awesome. When Kiron Kher butters her toast with the huge knife and when they use the poor Lucky in wheel chair to pass around their munchies that go with their drinks, you cannot help but have a good laugh. And the joke about not having changed kachcha is just too funny!!! Om Puri and Kiron Kher of course do a great job. Neha Dupia looks very well toned in this mvie and probably has more screen time than Katrina. Katrina as usual has nothing much to act but is very easy on the eyes. Akshay needless to say holds the mvie on his shoulder and makes it very funny:). The one surprise was Ranvir Shorey and I have no idea what he is doing in this movie. Why someone as talented as him felt the need to take this role up is beyond me! I would recommend this to whoever like mindless comedy.

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