Monday, November 17, 2008

Quantum Of Solace

Daniel Craig, the only man I know who can carry off white pants with panache! I enjoyed Casino Royale better but this one was good too. Didn't care much for the women in the movie and Eva Green was definitely more beautiful. The villain is what was the saddest. I like movie with good villains and this one had a frail ugly looking one. The plot itself wasn't great and much of it was spent trying to avenge the betrayal by Vesper. I hope the next one is better. They have a more believable bond and it should be hard to come up with a decent storyline to do justice.

Monday, November 3, 2008


The lesser said about this movie the better. The book was silly and the movie with its oh-so-bad-that-I-want-to-pull-my-teeth-out dialogues was even worse.

The Happening

I am such a big Night Shyamalan fan!!!! I love all his eerie movies and they spook the hell out of me. I first regret not watching this in the theatre and secondly not watching it on Halloween night. The whole build up is fantastic and the scene of construction worker walking off the edge of the tall building is simply awesome. It delivers on the chills. thrills and gore that one expects from his movies. The Alma character is a little weird. The way the whole concept of the plants/trees and toxins is brought in is a little stupid too especially given that it is the weird nursery guy who says it. Not to say that the concept in itself is bad. I think it is interesting and they could probably have given further details/explanation to show my Eliot starts believing in it. The old lady who lives by herself, a fantastic character to scare the crap out of you. A highly recommended watch if you are into Night Shyamalan movies:)

I was so desperate to watch this movie because it was a Madhur Bhandarkar product. I really liked his Page 3 and Corporate (Traffic Signal not so much). The movie did not disappoint although some of the characters were over the top. I am sure that the picture he paints is not true of every supermodel but at least a few. I did not like the fact that all male designers were portrayed as being gay and all the gay men were so stereotypically gay. The acting by the three women was fabulous and I especially give credit to Priyanka who did justice to the role. Kangana played the same character as many of her other movies but again did a good job of it. There was this one scene shown in the promos where she gives a disgusting expression while looking at Priyanka and I did not see that in the movie. But she was so good as the show stopper in her first scene. This movie was totally worth the watch in the theatre and I am glad I chose it over Golmal Returns although I am sure that is a fun one too.


The only reason I wanted to watch this movie was all the curiosity that it roused up with the hype and the fact that I actually like Himesh Reshammiya and his music (most times except when he comes up with something stupid like Tandorri Nights). The movie wasn't good and I saw it in bits and parts and you can totally give it a miss. I do like the Lut Jaun number though. Urmila has done something with her face surely (botox??). Anyways no more Himesh movies. Just his songs.