Monday, November 3, 2008

I was so desperate to watch this movie because it was a Madhur Bhandarkar product. I really liked his Page 3 and Corporate (Traffic Signal not so much). The movie did not disappoint although some of the characters were over the top. I am sure that the picture he paints is not true of every supermodel but at least a few. I did not like the fact that all male designers were portrayed as being gay and all the gay men were so stereotypically gay. The acting by the three women was fabulous and I especially give credit to Priyanka who did justice to the role. Kangana played the same character as many of her other movies but again did a good job of it. There was this one scene shown in the promos where she gives a disgusting expression while looking at Priyanka and I did not see that in the movie. But she was so good as the show stopper in her first scene. This movie was totally worth the watch in the theatre and I am glad I chose it over Golmal Returns although I am sure that is a fun one too.

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