Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have been hearing about this one for a while now. Himesh Reshammiya decides to take up a classic with the amazing cute looking Rishi Kapoor and star in its remake. Not only does he decide to replace Rishi Kapoor but also decides to sing for it and do the music. I must admit I am a fan of Himesh Reshammiya (I know I know but I still like him). I happened to goto his concert in Oakland and he was awazing live. He sang just like he sings in the albums, a little nasal but with a very strong voice. I know a lot of singers who go off key when they sing live and do not have all those synthesizers and software to modify/correct their mistakes.

I listened to the songs of Karzz and I am not too impressed. The title track is so-so compared to the original. I liked the Lut Jaaoon one but didn't really care much for any of the rest. Like my sister said, soon there will be a "Chana Bhature Night" to compete with the Tandoori nights number:). I think I will still go watch the movie though:) Definitely want to see Urmila again. I recently saw Banaras and liked her in it. I even found Ashmit Patel bearable. I don't really know who the new babe in Tina Munim's role is. Will update this blog with the movie review once I have watched it.

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