Monday, October 13, 2008


Promos can be soooooooo deceptive. The only reason I even rented this DVD was because of the fancy promos they kept showing on TV. The songs were ok too and I was definitely curious to see what this Imran dude is all about since I didn't quite get the feel for his acting in JTYJN. The movie would have been ok if part of it weren't so ridiculous that you wonder why the the movie is still going on. The movie starts randomly with a hip-hoppish number starring Minissha Lamba. This has been done before but never ever works for me. Minissha has lost a lot of weight and was good in the song but passing Vidya Malvade off as her mom is plain silly. They never really told what caused the rift between her and Sanjay Dutt except innuendos about his lack of time for the family. But if his wife is a doctor (as they claim with a Dr before her name), did she even have the time fight about it??? Anyways I can go on and on about the flaws in the script but then I guess I shouldn't have expected much anyways given that Sanjay Gadhvi's other movies (Dhoom 1 & 2) both had tonnes of flaws. I was not too impressed by Imran Khan either. He sounded like he was holding a chewing gum between his teeth all the time while speaking:P. I think he is a better chocolate boy than action hero. All in all a disappointing movie.

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